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    Liz Climo on Tumblr.

    this really cheered me up

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    don’t say you’re a writer if you just write fanfiction for your entertainment. you’re only a writer if you kill a bear with a typewriter to appease the spirit of hemingway and slather yourself in ink in tribute to shakespeare, the one true over-penis of literature.

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    The phantasmagorical and surreal animal sculptures by Canadian artist Ellen Jewett. Between dream and nightmare, some strange creations born of a symbiosis between organic and mechanical elements, a meeting between fantasy, gothic and steampunk. Some very detailed sculptures in clay on a metal frame.

    Visit her website at http://www.creaturesfromel.ca/

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    ILLUMINATION -- Max Patch Mountain, NC (by Light of the Wild)

    Storm light paints one ridge in sun while the rest of the area stays in the shade. The details in the sky are actually more mountain ridges obscured by a snowstorm.

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    Awesome Albums: LC-A+ 008 Rose by tanchin

    The community is rife with creative uses of the LC-A+ and the Splitzer, and here’s one fresh set that has recently caught our eye! http://bit.ly/1ohnlch

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  8. Stefanie Gutheil

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  9. Yue Minjun in his studio, Beijing, May 2007 by Jonathan Becker

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    this lady danced for all eternity

    literally, mother nature.

    I don’t care if I’ve already reblogged this.

    🐛 Welcome to wonderland 🌲

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